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Alaina’s Voice November 15, 2018

One of the victims in last week’s tragedy was Tamera Mowry’s niece. The family has started a GoFundMe page to support the Alaina’s Voice cause.


This is the Excerpt from her gofundme page:

Alaina and 11 others lost their lives to senseless violence in Thousand Oaks California Shooting at the Borderline Bar, while wanting to dance.  We will raise her voice on behalf of all the other victims of this tragic event and other events like Las Vegas, Parkland, Yountville and more.  Her family, friends and community will continue to raise her voice to make people be loving, be together, be in the moment.
She may be gone in body, but she will be our voice of song, voice of strength, voice of spirit and our voice of CHANGE.  It’s time for change. Its time to advocate for goodness, love and life.  Its time to advocate to our countries leaders to unite us, not divide us.  We will raise Alaina’s Voice.

You may visit her official cause website here: https://www.alainasvoice.org/