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SEAN ADLER October 23, 2021

Father of Two. Husband. Loving. Protector. Sean Adler.

Sean’s selfless and heroic efforts on the evening of November 7th certainly saved the lives of many young, college-aged kids who were at the Borderline Bar. As a community, we MUST rise up to help support Sean’s family the way his actions exemplified how to support the safety and well-being of others. Sean’s wife (Fran) and two sons (Dylan-17, Derek-12) deserve our assistance in this time of need. Let’s take a moment to support the futures of his children, their current needs, their ambition to go to college, and the unnecessary additional hardship that weighs on Sean’s wife. The sole beneficiary to this account is his family.

In the wake of the horrific events that unfolded on November 7, 2018 at the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, California, we gather as a community filled with sorrow, devastated by the loss of innocent lives, and focused on prevention. We are united to support. We are not afraid of a call to action.

On the evenings of November 8th and 9th, vigils were held in loving memory of Sean Adler. The nights were filled with tales of a loving man, stories of a wonderful father and friend, and multiple accounts from young survivors of how Sean’s heroic attempt to disarm the gunman allowed them and their friends to escape to safety.

At this time, the lives of the family members of the victims are now weighed down by altered dreams, hopes, and goals. Sean spent his days striving to provide for his family by creating the foundations for an entrepreneurial coffee wholesaling endeavor. In the evenings, he worked to provide supplemental income to his family by guarding our loved ones when they enjoyed some of the simplicities of life – time with friends, music, comradery.

Sean, a protector of civilians, was determined that evening to disregard his own safety. He paid the ultimate price so others had a chance to fulfill their dreams, live their lives, and enjoy the love of their families and friends.

The grand opening of Sean Adler’s Simi Valley coffeehouse, Rivalry Roasters, had taken place less than three weeks earlier before the incident.