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DANIEL MANRIQUE October 23, 2021

Ex-Marine sergeant Daniel Manrique dedicated his life to helping emotionally scarred veterans get back on their feet. And his death at the hands of a fellow Marine with post-traumatic stress syndrome showed the importance of Manrique’s mission, to get veterans the help they need, friends said.

Manrique, 33, of Thousand Oaks worked with a non-profit group helping veterans overcome their feelings of isolation, transitioning them back to the community. He also volunteered with a hospital helping the homeless and at a local church working in daycare.

“The best way I can describe him is as a ‘saint.’ He truly believed in service,” said friend and business partner Tim O’Brien. “Dan was the guy you could rely on if you ran out of gas in the middle of the night. He would help you out if something bad happened. He was there, dedicated, loyal.”