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ALAINA HOUSLEY October 23, 2021

Alaina Maria Housley was born July 27, 2000

She lived, laughed, loved, read, smiled and sang.  She had a kind heart, a gentle soul and was so giving.  She coached children, volunteered to serve veterans and helped everywhere.

Alaina Maria Housley died on November 7, 2018 when someone entered the Borderline Bar in Thousand Oaks California while she was line dancing and shot her, and 11 other people, taking their lives.

While her body is gone, her voice will live on.

We as a people in the US must learn to be present, enjoy your loved ones, Be kind to one another, We will advocate for the Media to stop celebratizing the shooters.  No one remembers the victims of Columbine, but they remember the 2 shooters names.  The media should be ashamed of showing the videos of these events.

The mental health of this country needs nurturing, We will do all we can to unite us and push for leadership in our country to finally step up.  And use Alaina’s Voice.

Our Motto:

Voice of Song, Voice of Strength, Voice of Spirit, Voice of CHANGE

source: https://www.alainasvoice.org/about